Covid 19

Taken measures
As you know the Covid-19 coronavirus is a very contagious virus and your safety, but also that of everyone, must be a priority.So we have taken protective measures on the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).Barrier gestures:As long as there is a risk of contamination, we will implement protective measures:The handshake has great symbolism but nothing will prevent us from welcoming you so warmlyWe will not be able to be so flexible on arrival and departure times contrary to our habits in order to ventilate the cottage as much as possible between two holidaymakers. You must respect the schedules (arrival 4:00 p.m. - departure 10:00 a.m.)We will provide you with gloves, masks and hydrological gel. You will be able to protect yourself when traveling.Liquid soap and disposable handkerchiefs are usually installed in the lodgeMaintenance of the gîte:Likewise we must take measures regarding the household. In bold, what we are improving to fight Covid-19:Air out the gîte as much as possible before your arrivalDisinfect all the textiles in the cottage: curtains, cushions, blankets, etc.Disinfect all bedding: mattresses, pillows, etc.Wash sheets and towels with disinfectantWash all surfaces and floors with disinfectantThe dishes will be systematically re-washed at high temperature in the dishwasher.A disinfectant spray for textiles and surfaces will be made available to you as well as a packet of disinfectant wipes , we are counting on you not to throw them in the toilets so as not to clog our septic tank.A new sponge for each new holidaymakerYou will have to remove and collect the sheets, the draw sheets, the towels ... in one place without shaking them or outsideFind out more:If you are renting a nursing bed we strongly advise you to take an unused mattress, we will make sure that this is the case during installation. We will disinfect the bed.If despite all our precautions you prefer to bring your own sheets and towels, please let us know.The pool water is naturally disinfected since the treatment is done with chlorineWe very regularly receive so-called vulnerable people and for their health we ask you to inform us if unfortunately people who have stayed with us have been infected by Covid-19 during their stay.Holidaymakers coming from abroad will have to make their arrangements according to the directives of their country
We hope you will be happy with all these arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Your health remains the priority so take care of yourself!

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